Monday, October 5, 2015

Skinny Jeans

Hello on a Monday. I thought this would be a good color for a Monday post because it is blue. This is Koco's or Kco Colors' (I am not sure what Beauty Brands is doing exactly with the name of the product line anymore), Skinny Jeans, a very dark blue shimmer.
 It takes about three coats to get a nice looking application. But here's the big thing, it did not stain. I though there was a possibility but it didn't. What a relief!

And with a name of Skinny Jeans, I thought jean seams and a back decorated pocket would be a cute design (and simple and quick).

Here's a single shot in natural sunlight.

Koco sells for about $5 a bottle at Beauty Brands, a regional beauty store in the Midwest and west. 

That's it so take care and think shiny!


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