Monday, September 2, 2013

Starlight And Sparkles + ETSY

I guess it is just the art teacher in me, but I love these Indie polish companies on ETSY. I keep thinking, "I bet these girls (and they are mainly girls) probably enjoyed art class in high school." I like products with connection and a story. It's also the fiber artist; raise your own sheep person in me. 

Finger nail polish now is such a creative statement and a statement of such individuality. I can spend so much time trolling ETSY, reading their stories and trying their polish. With orders I get hand written thank you notes and little extra goodies thrown in. I know they are grateful for my business. And they seem to have the  spirit  of making sure their product in humane and safe. So I say, no matter what age you are, look at ETSY the next time you want some nail polish. You will be rewarded by some wonderful creativity.  

There is one caveat. Occasionally, you will get some polishes that don't have a great formula or the color looked different on the site than in the actual bottles. With the price of Indy polishes  this can smart a little. But I figure it is all part of the game and it won't stop me from trying new Indys. 

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