Sunday, August 28, 2016

Two For The Record

I wore these two this week. I put them in a combo pic on my Fashion Blog but will have them here as singles. 

Art Nouveau Nectarine by Finger Paints

This is as it says, a nectarine or a pink leaning orange. I would put it at a crelly texture.

 Primrose by Nubar
This is one of the palest yellows I know. Primrose is from the 2011 Spring Garden collection.

That's it for today. I just wanted to get these two manis on the record. So until, next time.


Thursday, August 18, 2016

Julep and Love, Lace and Lilacs

Today is a stash catch up. As usual, I need some pictures for my Pinterest boards and it has been a long time since my last post. So here we go.

First up, is Julep's Cassidy. This is a bright turquoise creme that only needs two coats.

On top of that, I eventually added that old classic, Lynderella's Love, Lace and Lilacs. This is the first Lynn I fell in love with and the first I owned. No one makes them like her. I know I'm not alone because this one is still for sale on her web site.

That's it for today. I just wanted to get these two manis on the record. So until, next time.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Catching Up With Blue, Green and a Gold

Hello, hope everyone is doing good today. It has been a while so I thought I had better catch you up on what I have been wearing lately. These two colors have already been on my Style blog The MeadowTree Journal. Here goes............

I wore Lake Of Shining Water to go with a great new necklace I added to my jewelry collection.
Here is my excerpt about Amy's polish:

Of course, I had to pick a polish to wear with my pieces. This is Lake of Shining Water by Literary LacquerI can't say enough about Amy Milder's creations. She bases her collections on her and her fan's favorite books.The color I am wearing is from the Ann of Green Gable's collection. Started in 2012, Literary Lacquer's quality is impeccable and Amy has such a creative outlook on her polishes. Every August, she makes a limited edition polish for her birthday. I have snagged two birthday polishes at this point and find I always have room for more Literary Lacquer. If you are interested in a safe great Indie polish, check her out on ETSY

I picked Floss Gloss's Wet to complement some orange and brown styling that I did.

My excerpt from that original post:

 I picked Wet by Floss Gloss to go with the browns and oranges that I wore. This color is luminous light turquoise cream and it gets complements when I wear it. Floss Gloss is what I term a Boutique polish. Floss Gloss is the creative child of two art school grads and they have a very different take on the polish culture. Some of their polishes I have no interest in but I do have quite a few. 

Bottles run $8 and you can buy a few individual colors from Amazon with free shipping. 

I wore another Floss Gloss when I went to the Kansas City Film Festival to see Jeremy Scott and the debut of the new documentary about him as a designer. This is Stun, an incredible gold based micro glitter. This never made it to the blog because I only put our red carpet photo on Instagram. 

 So here's a first. I putting a style picture on this blog before I do it on my style blog. You can see why I picked the gold.

That's  it and have a great Spring. I never know when I will be back here.


Sunday, March 13, 2016

Downton Abby

Last weekend, we went to a Downton Abby event. Here's what I wore on my nails. The bottom coat is Excalibur by A-England and the top coat is Dazed by Cult Nails. I think the colors speak for themselves. 

That's it. Terri

Saturday, March 5, 2016

What's On My Nails Now

This week I have been wearing Mod Lacquer's Cerulean Light Beam. Mod Lacquer had some wonderful shades and a shop on ETSY. Unfortunately, last August they closed shop. I will miss them. 

Cerulean Light Beam is just that, a light Cerulean sky blue holo that really shines in the natural sunlight. It is a gorgeous one. 

That's it. Terri

Monday, February 29, 2016

Many Splendors and Boudicca

I have two colors that I have been wearing the past two weeks. First up is Rescue Beauty Lounge's Many Splendors for their last collection before closing doors. Like many others, I picked up a lot for myself. Unlike others, I am not selling them on Ebay for exorbitant prices. 

Many Splendors is a matte textured polish with gold glitter. Sounds like Zoya's Pixie Dust doesn't it. It looks likes Pixie Dust. It made me remember that I don't have Dahlia (which has silver glitter) from the first Pixie Dust collection. 

 Next I wore Illamasqua's Boudicca for a future post on my Style Blog MeadowTree. This is an intense red orange with orange and pink micro-flakes. I you live in the states, just wait until Hautelook has a Illamasqua feature and pick some up there. When they have them, everything is half price.

That's it for today. Take care, Terri