Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Pick-N-Mix #5 Getting Excessive Over The 80s

Hello again. It's Pick-N-Mix Week 5 and the theme is the 80's which were just a tad bit excessive.

My nail design specifically took it's inspiration from the German fashion house Escada which was started and directed by Margeret Ley during the 80s. 

The Escada design that I used, is actually from an Escada jacket that I have collected. I have grabbed a few Escada things from Ebay during the last few years. 

My family dubs this "The Christmas Tree" jacket. And I pretty much only wear it around Christmas. But the embroidery and rhinestones were just to hard to resist. 

And the group of polishes that made this excessive look.

From left to right
  1. Mentality's Proper
  2. Butter London's Marbs
  3. No Miss's Havana Hibiscus
  4. Essence's Black Is Back

Oh, Those 80's
Other over the top inspirations 

When Donald and Ivana ruled NYC society. This was Ivana's pre-Cougar days. But I always have liked her but always considered him a jerk.

The Carringtons of Dynasty. All that wealth, all the melodrama, and all those cat fights.

And if you wanted to dress to excess, Margeret Ley of Escada was the lady to turn to.

This ends my contribution to this "Nail Hop". And I sure had an excessive amount of fun doing it. Check out below for all the other great designs by my other nail artists. So, until me meet again, take care...........Terri


  1. I love what you do these days and with your inspirations and the matching nail arts. Uniqueness guaranteed ♥

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I needed to hear that. I know I am not mainstream, but I never was. πŸŽ¨πŸ’…