Wednesday, November 26, 2014

PICK N MIX #9-Brushwork

 Hello everyone and happy day before Thanksgiving (for us in the U.S.). It is time for #9 of the 52 Week Pick N Mix nail challenge.

The Pick N Mix Challenge for this week was brushwork and or favorite brands. I have many favorite brands so I decided not to paint myself into a corner and went with brushwork using two of my many favorite brands.

I will admit that I went easy and fast with this one. Probably because it is Thanksgiving week and I have a multitude of stuff to get done. I used Mineral Fusion's Garnet, Butter London's MARBS, and a # 4 fan brush (Loew Cornell). It was two swishes on each nail and I was done.

I have trouble getting the glittery stuff out so this brush may never see a non nail surface again. I can always go get a new one for acrylic paint I guess.

Mineral Fusion's Garnet is a beauty in it's own right. It is a deep deep burgundy red and just perfect for this season. It is a very rich color with a lot of depth.

Mineral Fusion terms it a cream on their site. However I see it has a Crelly. It took three coats to reach opacity and it has that jelly like shine after it dries. 

I don't see Mineral Fusion on blogs very often. It is a company that does have a full line of make up and body products and carries sixty different nail colors. They are a Leaping Bunny Brand which is important to me. All Mineral Fusion products are gluten free, paraben free and artificial color free. How the artificial color free relates to their nail polish, I am not quite sure.

In the states, it is carried by Whole Foods and Ulta. You can also order directly from Mineral Fusion.

And since Mineral Fusion is a Leaping Bunny company, Mr. BB had to drop by to give his approval.

This, as always, is a linkup. Check below for other great designs from the other artists. 

And I guess I should also call these nails my "Jamberry Nail" imitation. I wore them out last night and a lady complemented me but immediately asked if the were Jamberry nails. She ended up getting a small art lesson on fan brushes and nail design. All in a day's work, I guess. 

As usual, until we me again, take care and shine on....................


  1. I love the fan brush-it's effortless drama

  2. Thank you and it was one of the easiest I have ever done. I definitely have a go to when I want a quick dress up of my nails.

  3. Gorgeous outcome Terri *_____* I'm always impressed by the effect created using a fan brush. It's on top of my ToDo list.
    And that burgundy you used as a base is something awesome even on its own.

  4. Try the fan brush! Next time I do it though, I am going to put scotch tape around my nails. The clean up isn't too bad, but I would rather have less. You have to have a free lose movement and can't be worried about where the polish goes on your skin .

  5. Thanks for the hint! I'll certainly wrap my fingers...I'm not a huge fan of clean-up either :D