Everyone can wear a little glitter, no matter what your age and I do love my glitter!

  1.  Crow's Toes My Favorite Amazon With Fnug's Style Icon
  2. Lynnderella's Spot On with OPI Vintage
  3. Chaos And Crocodiles Ferris Wheel At Dusk over a purple polish
  4. OPI's Tangled In The Tinsel With Spa Ritual's Silver Shimmer
  5. OPI's Tangled In The Tinsel matted with Hard Candy's Matt-ely  In Love
  6. Rainbow Honey's Element Of Magic with Zoya's Caitlin  
  7.  A-England's Merlin with Julep's Char for blue and silver nails
  8. Gold as an accent with dark green for Chinese New Year Nails
  9. Julep's Gianna, gold glitter shards with OPI's My Throne For A Cranberry Scone 
  10.  Huemorista's Icebreaker on ice white nails
  11. Lynnderella's Glass House With Pritti NYC's Queen Of The Night Tulip
  12. OPI's Tangled In The Tinsel with OPI's Moonraker
  13.  Two From Glitzology Which Is NO More  
  14. Brest Cancer Awareness Manis-Pink Glitter
  15. Colores DE Carol's BBF
  16. A England's She Walks In Beauty With Ulta's Goddess
  17. Colores De Carol Watermelon Explosion
  18. 4th Of July '13 Nails
  19. OPI's Pirouette My Whistle With Yellow
  20. Seche's Collage Overlay With OPI's Come To Poppy
  21. Hard Candy's Black Tie Optional
  22. A England's Merlin with Barry M's Silvery Lilac
  23. Rainbow Honey's Hoof Wrassle With Spa Ritual's HiJinks 
  24. Rainbow Honey's Pinkie Promise With a Sally Girl
  25. Rainbow Honey's Mare Of The Moon 
  26. Pure Ice's BeWare With Art Stickers 
  27. Mentality's 24K With Orly's Cotton Candy  
  28. Hard Candy's Bachelor Party 
  29. Hard Candy's Wedding Crasher 
  30. Hard Candy's Mom And Pop
  31. Hard Candy's King Of Pop

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