Friday, August 23, 2013

Nail Journal #3, August '13-Colores De Carol

Polish: BFF (Best Friends Forever)  by Colores de Carol

Notes: This polish consists of various sizes of fuchsia, blue and white glitter suspended in a light blue jelly base. It's sort of an instant jelly sandwich.

This mani has about three or four coats. I had a difficult time getting an even look. Next time I will first put on a base coat of a corresponding shade of lacquer.

A top coat did even things out. 

I cannot say for certain that Colores de Carol is cruelty free. But, being an Indie, I am pretty sure she is. 

Colores de Carol is an Indie Polish maker in the US. You can find her Big Cartel Store here.

"I Just Love The One Color" Of The Week

Zoya's Myrtha is a beautiful shimmery orange. I would even wear this in the Winter. Zoya is cruelty free.

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