Tuesday, November 4, 2014

An Orly Duo

I have a problem. I can't go into Sally's Beauty Store without high tailing it  to the clearance table to  look through the  polishes and other stuff. I let my membership lapse for a few month in an attempt to correct this. Now I admit, I have the same problem at Ulta, Marshalls and TJ Maxx. 

But Sally gave me a good deal if I renewed the membership and first trip back, what did I find? I found this beautiful duo that just worked to create an elegant look.

First up: Is Orly's Plum Noir

I knew Orly's Plum Noir had been around for awhile (since 2007) and was probably discontinued. But no, it is still going strong on Orly's site with a full size, mini and gel polish available. 

Plum Noir has probably been reviewed hundreds of times and I understand why. It is just a gorgeous deep darkened purple cream. It's consistency is perfect and you can dress it up or dress it down. I wore it by itself to the symphony and later topped it with the other part of this duo. 

Orly's Intergalactic Space 

Intergalactic Space is part of the Galaxy FX collection. And that collection that just came out this past Spring. 

Intergalactic Space has purple, bronze, blue and very large white glitter suspended in a black base. 

To be truthful, I left the white glitter out this time around. 

I think, if you wanted a certain look, the white glitter could be placed for design purposes.

A Little Extra

As I mentioned earlier, I wore Plum Noir by itself to the Kansas City Symphony. The Symphony alliance has a little shop to raise money. This ring was just what I was hunting for and just went my nails.

Well, that wraps it up this time. I know these two are old but they are so perfect with each other I just had to show them. 

So take care until we see each other again.............Terri


  1. The combo is truly perfect but as you are saying Plum Noir is gorgeous by itself as well. Love it!

  2. Thanks and it was fun to get around to doing one of my collages. It had been awhile.

  3. You're not alone. I have the very same problem when I enter a store here, too. The only little help I have, here in Italy, comes from prices: our retail prices and sales ones are not as cheap as yours. This doesn't stop me completely, though.
    These Orlys are two gorgeous picks!

  4. I rarely pay full price...I have to want something really badly.