Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Hi again. Here is my contribution to this weeks challenge. The promps were domestic animals and or three shades of blue.

I belong to a Facebook group called MPS, that is short for Multiple Poodle Syndrome. This is for us who can't seem to be happy with just one Poodle. I have three. So my pick of subject matter was pretty much a no brainer. 

My base coat polish is Orly's Purple Poodle from their Fall '13 Surreal collection. I bet you can't imagine why I had to have that polish. 

Purple Poodle is a magenta jelly type of polish (rather sheer-I have on three coats) with blue and magenta shimmer and glitter. It has always been very unique to anything else I have owned. 

The Poodles were done in Orly's White Platinum which is a white pearl shimmer. 

I hand painted my Poodles and am not going to say I am totally happy with them. 

Well, talking about Poodles, heres some pictures of those who inspired these nails. The first is of Sophia. I adopted her about five years ago. This is a poster that I did to celebrate her First Year Forever home celebration. 

Next we have Niko. I was lucky and got to adopt him when he was just three months old. As you can see, he likes his big chews!

And lastly, there is Millie. I started fostering Millie last November. She has been with us almost a year now. I don't think she is going anywhere. She's a senior with a few physical problems but is one of the happiest dogs I know. And her ears are just so beautiful. I tried to take some "glamor shots" of her last month, I don't know if they turned out that good, but here is one of them.

Well, that finishes out this Poodle nail tale. So until the next visit, take care.................Terri

And I did do my thumb. I put a S on it for Sophia. She's the one that started all of this.

This is a nail hop so click on some of the talented artists below and see what they have done. There seems to be some problems with the code this week. So click HERE to see some other designs. 

P.S. If you notice a different watermark on these photos it's because they are from my other blog, Time For Poodles And Friends. 



  1. I love your poodle nail art and your poodles even more so. They look so cute!!!

  2. Thank you. And I love my Poodles. They are such a surprise gift! Until them, I went around with the attitude of the only real dog was a big dog.

  3. Thanks. This design meant more to me because of my dogs.

  4. Oh my, your furry friends are super cute! I feel the same towards pugs. <3

  5. There you are! So glad to see you back in the world. This mani was definitely just for me. I just wanted to celebrate my Poodles. But, we do have six dogs. The pack also includes a Black Lab, Pitt mix and a Mountain Fiest. I actually put this design on my dog blog this week and my pet friends loved it.

  6. Oh my, six?? <3 They're so much love! Unfortunately I do live in a block of flats and I have no garden so this means no dogs. But I've always wanted one (and I had a child when we lived in the countryside) and I'm sure I'll have one in the future. ATM I've got a ferret :D and she's sooooo messy and super lovely <3