Friday, April 17, 2015

April Showers With Floss Gloss

Hello Everyone! Welcome to the April Hobby Polish Bloggers" April Linkup! This month our theme is April Showers. When I read this, I knew this was perfect for one of my favorite polish girls, Floss Gloss. I managed to get five different FGs in this one.

So here is the run down:

Base coat: 95% Angel
Tips: Glowstar
Flowers (interior): Lean
Dots on tips: Wet
Dots inside dots: Mrs. Tony Montana

The line and rain drops were drawn with a Molotow 1mm white acrylic paint pen.  I love that pen and use it when ever I can. 

The design is pretty abstract. That's what I like. I think it is just more wearable. It's the colors these ladies make that I love and just wanted a design that these colors could just do their thing.

Above is the Floss Gloss's that I picked. From left to right: 95% Angel, Mrs. Tony Montana, Wet, Glowstar, and Lean.

This is a composite that I made and will probably put this one on Instagram. 

Well, it's short and sweet today. I love these polishes. I have about a dozen and know of three more that I am eventually going to get (Dimepiece, Pony and Blood Sweat and Suede). 

And as I mentioned in the beginning, I am participating in the April blog link-up of that great group I belong with, The Hobby Polish Bloggers. Check below, because there are some great nail artists in this group.

Take care, and until next time polish on!


  1. awesome design and amazing colours, perfect for spring :)
    Have a nice weekend Terri :)

  2. Thank You, and these colors are so fresh. Two art students create these and they have such a fresh take on things.

  3. And you have a great weekend too! I'm not doing much. It's going to rain so I am going to try and get some sewing and housework done.

  4. Thank you and so nice hearing from you. I loved your dots and roses!

  5. Hi Terri, these polishes and the nail art look so cute, I love all the colors you have used!