Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Pick-N-Mix #4-Yves Saint Laurent's Russian Collection-Fall 1976

We are are at week four of the "52 Week Pick And Mix" nail challenge. The prompts this time around were The 70's and/or grey with color. I only went with one of the prompts and chose "The 70's".

Yves Saint Laurent's 1976 Fall Russian collection was my inspiration. My design is taken from a beautiful paisley shawl/scarf from that collection.

A close view of my YSL inspiration

The Polish Lineup

My bright and neon polishes tend to be very economical. L.A Color Crazes run $.99 and Wet N Wild is usually $1.88.

From Left to Right:
  •  L.A. Color Craze's Reckless
  • Wet N Wild's Black Light Party
  • Wet N Wild's Tulip Time
  • Pritti NYC's Empress Tree
  • Wet N Wild's Limelight
  • China Glaze's Be More Pacific
  • Wet N Wild's Club Havana
  • L.A. Color's  Splat!
  • Orly's Fancy Fuchsia   

To find specific designs, I used a simplified nail shaped view finder.

A model grouping of the Russian collection

Close up of the skirt and belt that was shown with the paisley shawl/scarf

Well  that is it for this nail adventure. And until the next one, take care..............Terri


  1. I love what you chose for this challenge. Very colorful and quite busy for what I'm used to from you :D
    However it turned out great and would go perfect with that scarf. You really did very well on this!

  2. It is very different isn't it. But I just had to do something like this challenge thing. I was getting dissatisfied with the blogging and needed something to change. So I am going to give this 52 week challenge a go and then see how I feel when it is over. I do love the experimenting on the smaller canvas. I'm taking a silk painting class at the moment and was surprised by the choice of color combinations I have been choosing. I think it is because of the nails that I am getting a tad more gutsy with my color theory.......possibly {:-)

  3. wow your nails look lovely!

    xx julia

  4. Thanks, although they are a tad busy.

  5. Woow is amazing, gorgeous nail art. I love all. Excelent job.

  6. hola!! Me ha gustado mucho la manicura pero casi más la inspiracion!

  7. Thank you-they were probably the most complicated design that I have ever tried.💅💅

  8. Thanks, I am glad you like them.💗

  9. Totally love this mani, Terry! Great outcome :)

  10. Gracias, Yves Saint Laurent fue uno de mis diseñadores favoritos. Era un genio! Espero que entienda a mi español!

  11. Thank You. You know, I got very overlooked on "The Crumpet's" Facebook group. I just don't think people got it. You and a few others that I respect do and that makes me feel really good about it.

  12. wow, that's great! I'm not patient enough to paint sth like that! :)