Friday, October 24, 2014

French Mani With A Bite-Signet Nail's Witches In Stitches

Signet's Nail's Witches In Stitches is the base polish for what is going to be my mani for Halloween night. I decided to keep it simple but wanted something. So the French tips with teeth came into being.

Witches In Stitches was part of a duo (the other being Rotten Candy Corn) that Lauren Swindol offered in a fantastic package a couple of weeks ago. Needless to say, this duo sold out in hours. 

Witches In Stitches without the chompers. This shot does not have a top coat. Without a top coat, the polish has a satin finish with a slight texture. 

Close Up of the glitter

Can I tell you how much I love this polish. I can see "Witches" going to Easter too. Cool looking Easter eggs just are speaking to me. 

Lauren's Signet Nails resides at ETSY. 
Please check it out. And take a look at the fantastic Opel Flash. I mean, it has real smashed up opals in it. She only makes it to order. I am think about a special Christmas present to me from me. We'll see. 

Well, that's it for this time around. I have a idea for the other member of this duo and will be back soon with that one. 

As always, take care until we see each other again.......Terri


  1. This Signet is really really intriguing! Not to mention your spider and the gloves.... (I'm addicted to such kind of gloves *__*)

  2. I have never bought "season specific" polish before. But this one and it's duo were so unique I went for it. I got these gloves just so my nails would show for Halloween. I got them off of Ebay and they are way cool. And this polish is also going to see Easter, it's very versatile.