Sunday, October 26, 2014

Having A Mai Tai With My Rotten Candy Corn

Hello again. It's time for a new post. I am doing two things with this one. I am finishing up my Signet Halloween polish and I am hooking up with other members of Hobby Polish Bloggers for a "Nail Hop".

I so thought these two polishes were made for each other, in name and color. The red orange is Nailtini's Mai Tai and of course we have Signet Nail's Rotten Candy Corn.

 Unfortunately, this polish is not longer available. We descended on Lauren's Signet Nails site and like some vultures and scooped up her duo in nothing flat.

Firstly, I painted a base coat of Mai Tai. And I did wear it a day by itself. I love this red orange color. After a day going solo, I added the Rotten to create my Halloween mani.

I went with a abstract candy corn shape.
On my accent nail I used the bat vinyls that were include with the Halloween pack as decals. I did hand place the larger glitters around the accent nail.

Here's a shot of Mai Tai. As I said, I wore it by itself for a while.  I love mixing cocktails (here's proof) and can see more Nailtinis in my stash. 

And the Bat vinyls? They were part of Lauren's treat (along with some chevron vinyls).

These vinyls were created by Loucie Paskiewicz of Lou it Yourself. Find her shop on ETSY

The bats before I used them

The other side with the chevrons

 Oh, and there was candy-it's gone. 

And the instigator of all of this Halloween coolness is Signet Nails. Check out her ETSY store. 

A close up of all that rotten candy corn

And now a word about our sponsor. I have been a member of the Facebook group Hobby Polish Bloggers for not quite a year. It's a great group of ladies and I have learned so much from the more experienced bloggers. It's a great group. I am so happy that we are now going to have a monthly challenge blog hop.  

A last shot of the polishes. The black was a really cute bottle of black that I found at Sally's Beauty a couple of weeks ago.

Well, that's it for this visit and until we see each other again, Take Care..........Terri



  1. Very cute! Rotten Candy Corn is a great color.

  2. Thanks, I really like it too. I never buy Halloween polish but when Signet put out the duo, I quickly reformed my ways.

  3. That Rotten Candy Corn is such a great mix of bright and dark for Halloween! Love it!

  4. This is a great combination! Love your nails!

  5. Thanks, I appreciate you coming around and looking at my work.

  6. Great design! I'm loving that Candy Corn glitter and sad that I missed out!

  7. It went fast. The whole thing was $15, that included shipping. It was AMAZING!

  8. I really like the abstract look and I just love those bat vinyls!

  9. Aren't they? And being black I could use them as decals. I Hated cutting them up but still have the other line to use πŸŽƒπŸ‘»

  10. Thanks and they were fun and easy to do.πŸ‘»πŸŽƒ

  11. I'm a bit late, but this is a great combo and it's totally Halloween style! The bats are amazing *__*

  12. That's OK. This one got me more play on Instagram and Facebook than anything I have done. I think it is also one of the best pictures I have ever taken.