Monday, July 7, 2014

My First Franken-A Gold Glaze

I also used Stripe
Rite's Gold Metallic for the double lines.

Sooner or later I figured it would happen. There would be something I wanted and didn't or couldn't find it so would concoct it myself. I can't say I wasn't planning to eventually do this. I bought some Luster Base and mini bottles last summer from TKB Trading

I had been wanting a gold glaze with just a little glitter for some kakie green polishes I have. They looked great in the bottle but I wanted something just a tad extra for them.

For the mixture I used the Luster Base, Jenna Hipp's ho-hummm gold metallic (Award Season) from her last summer's collection and Wet 'n Wild's The Gold And The Beautiful. I did thin it down with nail polish thinner to get the consistency I wanted.

I will admit that this not that dramatic but I like it and know I will use it a lot. And in my book that is pretty important. Well, that's it for this time around. Take Care............Terri

And The Winner for the three Koco beauty products is Genevieve Clay-Poor!

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