Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Start Your New Year With The Color Of The Year With Men Are From Mars-ala

Hello again, my friends! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and that at least a few of you have a festive New Year planned! Either way, your nails can get a head start on the party mood with a beautiful take on Pantone's 2015 Color Of The Year, which is...(drum roll please)...

A color that sounds good enough to eat (or drink)!

In these photos, I am wearing  Men Are From Mars-ala, KBShimmer's take on this warm red/brown shade. In natural light, this lacquer flashes a linear holographic of orange, teal and violet. Indoors, it comes off as a warm reddish brown.

This lacquer applies like a dream and dries quickly for a high gloss finish. It is up to KBShimmer's formula perfection that I expect. 

In my opinion, Men Are From Mars-ala is already a perfect shade. Adding the extra level of the linear holographic just jumps it up to another level of gorgeous.

 Macro Time

Below is a sample of the color with indoor light. It has the look of a warm and shimmery red brown.

Here is the question that everyone has been asking: 

What do you think about the color Marsala? 

I really like it. After two years of jewel tones, it is nice to have something warm and nurturing. Marsala is also a color that will appeal to both men and women.

Pantone puts a lot of thought and study into their color picks and saw that this was the color of the time. It's easy to see this shade taking off in fashion and interior design in the upcoming year more than it already has.

I found an interview with Leatrice Eiseman, the executive director of the  Pantone Color Institute, very informative. The link can be found on the Pantone web page.

 It was particularly interesting that Leatrice Eiseman commented on how great Marsala would be with layering colors. She especially mentioned oranges and teals. Those are the exact colors I see in Men Are From Mars-ala's linear holographic. 

I compared Men Are From Mars-ala to similar tones in my stash and do not have anything like it. When my oldest daughter saw it on my makeup counter (with many other polishes), she immediately declared that she had to wear "that" polish. It has that kind of wow factor just sitting there. 

In addition to the beautiful range of polishes, most of us can attest to the great customer support and product quality of KBShimmer. This is a great company to purchase from.  

Men Are From Mars-ala will be available to purchase on January 1st from the KBShimmer web store.

Well, that wraps it up for today. I hope everyone has a great start to the new year!


P.S. Here is a little more eye candy. This color is so gorgeous, I just couldn't resist making a collage.