Thursday, August 28, 2014

A Single Shot of Rescue Beauty Lounge

This post is "A Single Shot". I thought I would do a peach/coral post earlier this summer but it just didn't happen. I found this shot and remembered how much fun it was to ear this color and mani. It is Starfish Patrick by Rescue Beauty Lounge. This one is a classic. Ji of RBL brought it back and it is still in her repertory. 

Starfish Patrick is a jelly, so it takes a few coats (at least three to four) to build up opacity. But this polish is just pretty much perfect. I am so glad she brought it back! 

The white is China Glaze's White on White, but any white will do.

"Doti-cures" are so easy and I have found that they always get compliments. 

That's it for this one shot. Have a great day and until I see you again, take care.............Terri


  1. I'm in love with jelly polishes and this one looks amazing! I need a peachy jelly, I haven't got any. Only cremes :D
    Love the way you've matched it and the accent fits perfectly!

  2. I don't have very many jellies myself. But, I so love they shine they give.

  3. And then they're way more deep than a simple creme. I love the fact that with a jelly you can build your own colour up <3

  4. Starfish Patrick was my first RBL polish and I didn't get it until April. I know RBL has a nice sale sometimes and am waiting around to see what else I can add. I did get some from Ebay and some with the birthday month discount she gives.