Tuesday, November 11, 2014

PICK-N-MIX #7-The Red Tailed Hawk

Hello everyone. Today I have my 7th installment of the 52 week PICK N MIX Challenge. This week's promps were wildlife and or yellow. Given what I wanted to do, I left the yellow out and went with just wildlife. This is an abstract design based on the tail of the Red Tailed Hawk. For visual interest, I took the white bars from the body and added them to the design.

I have been a birdwatcher since my early teens. In fact when I was that age, I really wanted to be an Ornithologist. Birds were my life (OK, I know I was a geek). 

I had to do something with the Red Tailed Hawk. To begin with, The Red Tailed is the most common hawk in North America. And where I live (rural Missouri), they are a daily visual treat. They can be found soaring with the wind currents or just sitting on a telephone pole waiting for something to stumble by to eat. I don't think I have been outside for over 15 minutes without observing a Red Tailed.

The Mani

I hand painted this with three different Zoyas. They were:
  • Pepper, a brick red cream
  • Jacqueline, an off white nude cream
  • Codie, a blacken brown-now discontinued  (it was one of my freebees from last Spring's Zoya order)

From Left to right: Pepper, Jacqueline, and Codie

Just a One Shot of the Hawk Mani 

A Red Tailed Hawk is even on the front of my Sibley bird guide.

So this is the end of this bird tail and until next time, take care...........Terri


  1. Very artistic! Well done! I love it!

  2. Thanks, of the first eight, I think this one is my favorite. A little more closer to the heart, I guess.

  3. Awwwww, fellow birdwatcher! I'm a photographer geek, not only macro shots of insects and flowers, I love to portrait birds too. That's why I usually go "birdwatching". To take pictures.
    And your red tailed hawk nails are great!

  4. Well, it just great to find out you are a bird watcher. I have every book I ever bought, and that's quite a few years.