Saturday, May 10, 2014

My Latest Additions From Zoya

Just like last year, I took part in Zoya's Earth Day Exchange sale. I received my order yesterday and had a surprise. They sent a little something extra; a box of three polishes as a gift sampler. I think Zoya has been doing this for a while and I don't know how long it will last and you need to make at least a $50 order to qualify. 

The caveat of the Exchange Sale is one is suppose to send in to Zoya unwanted bottles of polish to be disposed of correctly. However, they give the option of donating ones old polishes. I sort of do this all year long. One of my "now that I am retired" jobs is teaching arts and crafts to an adult group home of special needs adults. The ladies there also like their polishes, so that is where all of my unwanted go.

If you live in the states, it pays to be on Zoya's membership list (just set up an account, you don't have to use it if you don't want to). But, Zoya will send you emails when they have a special going one. The link to Zoya's site is HERE

 My Gift Sampler

The colors included were Codie, Red Door Red, and Ray

I am still working on my samples, so only have the polish spoons to show.

Codie was part of The Smoke and Mirrors collection that released in Fall'11. It is a smoky brown cream and very dark. It will be perfect as a base for some gold and copper top coats.

Red Door Red 
Red Door Red is not on Zoya's site. After some research, I found that it was created especially for Elizabet Arden spas. I have other reds, but this is the creamiest smoothest one I have.

Ray was part of the Diva collection that was released in fall 2012. This is a dark shimmering green. I love greens and have plenty but I can always use one more!

Since I started this polish craze, Zoya has become one of my favorites. After this, it just may be number one. And it doesn't hurt that it is vegan and cruelty free. 

And Here I what I Actually Ordered. It Sort Of Covers The Gambit.

From Left To Right:

Carey-A periwinkle gray cream

Gemma-A light olive green with duochrome overtones of blue and violet

FeiFei-A medium steel blue with gold and blue iridescent sparkle

Happi-A pink metallic duochrome with hints of gold

Reece-A rose metallic duochrome

Pepper-A brick red cream, originally design for Peter Som AW/13

Louise-A chocolate brown cream 

And About Zoya's Polish Remover

Remove + is my favorite polish remover. It's a little more expensive, but doesn't smell and is pretty gentle. It is one polish remover that I don't feel is actively killing my brain cells.

And there you have it and until next time...........

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