Monday, May 5, 2014

Spy Princess And Metallics

We had another visual art event to attend. This event was Spectrum's Raw Natural Artists* in Kansas City. Our daughter, Rachelle was one of the participants so Mom and Dad had to go.

This was a pretty dressy affair, so I really had fun doing this look.  My nails are usually designed to coordinate with what I am wearing. It was especially true this time.

There were three main inspirations: a knitted grey with silver metallic threads top, a chrome and acrylic baguette, and strappy Badgley Mischka heels.

The actual manicure was fairly simple. I painted two thirds of my nail with the lighter Spa Ritual polish and the bottom third with the Deborah Lippmann. After they dried, I added Spy Princess's White Tie Affair, which is the star of this nail show.  

To wear it during the week, I put on a matte topcoat that took a little of the in your face glitter look off. I tried to take a picture of it, but it wasn't to successful, so I am not adding that one. 
Polish Notes

Spy Princess-White Tie Affair

Spy Princess is a small Indie polish maker with a shop on ETSY (in the states). Most of her work is glitter based. I have no idea how I found Spy Princess but liked her spy themed names. Her polishes have names like Honeypot, Kir Royale, and Mata Hari.

White Tie Affair is a mixture of black hexes, silver bars, holographic squares and holographic micro glitter suspended in a clear base. I have found that it goes great over about any color.

I am not to crazy about the bottle design. It is different, that is for certain. But, I have trouble with to much polish getting on the wand. I am always having to wipe the excess along the top inside so things don't drip.

The link to Spy Princess's ETSY shop  is HERE.
If you do Facebook, here is a link to her FACEBOOK PAGE.

Spa Ritual-Silver Shimmer

Silver Shimmer is from Spa's 2012 Holiday Metal Collection. This is just a great silver metallic. I have two cheaper ones (Wet 'n Wild and Chi) which have a problem with streaking with application. Silver Shimmer goes on silky smooth and is just a beautiful silver toned polish. It is up to Spa's usual perfection. Silver Shimmer can be purchased on Amazon.

Deborah Lippmann-Moon Rendezvous

Moon Rendezvous is a slate blue grey metallic with a shimmer. It can be a little streaky, but you just have to look at it right to see the streaks. 

Moon Rendezvous was part of my Beauty Brands DL clearance haul last fall. I will have to say, although I have a few grays, I don't have anything quite like this one. It really is quite gorgeous.  It is still in the line up and can be gotten in quite a few places, Beauty Bar and Deborah Lippmann are just a few.
Well, that is it for now.............

I thought Dad took a pretty good picture Rachelle and I.

 * Raw is an independent art organization that works to focus artists that are in the first ten years of their careers. Although the organization is based in the US, it now has events in Canada and Australia. A link to the organization's site is HERE.

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