Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Gradient Using Crows Toes

Hello Everyone, We are halfway through the week and I hope everyone is smiling and probably at this point making plans for the weekend!

Today, I have a gradient that I did earlier in the week with two Crow Toes' polishes. I won these in a huge Indie action over a year ago and finally decided it was time.

Minion and L'il Miss Cyanide were released about two years ago (in different collections). The are still available through Llarowe which shows you their staying power and popularity.

I first painted my nails with L'il Miss Cyanide. This is a medium violet that shifts to green to a golden yellow. 

After painting around my nails with Jolie's Liquid Latex, I sponged on Minion. This also is a shifter. I read that it shifts from purple to green, but I didn't see that so much. What I saw was a deep blue violet to a purple violet. Minion also has flakies that show up nicely.

And here is a macro.

That's it for today. I am starting to love gradations. Jolie's latex makes them so easy.  Does anyone else do gradations just for the fun of it?

Take care,


  1. this gradient is awesome, I absolutely love these colours

  2. And the sad thing was that they sat around for a year before I got around to them. I Tell you, this liquid latex has been a boom for me😀