Tuesday, April 7, 2015

KCO Colors by Beauty Brands-Guilty As Charged and Back In The Saddle

Hello Everyone on this Tuesday. I hope everyone's weather is treating them well. It's a bit overcast here but it is suppose to get into the 80s today. That's a bit warm for me in April, but on to KOCO

Today I have a couple of colors by my hometown, Kansas City's own Beauty Brands polish Koco.

First up is Guilty As Charged. The latte brown caught my eye right off on this one and the fact that it is charged with bronzy gold shimmer makes it better. 

In natural light this is quite a stunner but not so much that you could not wear it to work. 

I went ahead and added a shade shot so the true color could be seen. Indoors, you would see something more like this, just a great neutral wit a small amount of shimmer coming through.

Another color that I really liked from KOCO is Back In The Saddle. It is a pure cream mixture of brown and red. I would like to call it a terracotta pink. It's not too pink or too brown. I think it is pretty sophisticated and decided to use it as an accent nail and added some dots going from larger to smaller for some design interest.

Second view of  Back In The Saddle.

This is just a drama shot I really liked so I threw it in.

Both of these polishes were a good consistency and I got opacity in just two coats. KOCO is a great polish for it's price. You can usually get it for $5 a bottle if you wait for a sale.

Beauty Brands has limited store fronts (it is pretty regional) but it has a website all anyone else and all their KOCO products can be seen there. They must be doing pretty good because the lineup keeps expanding. 

Here is a link to Beauty Brands website site. They seem to have changed their logo a bit. The bottles still say KOCO, but now everything is being promoted as KCO Colors.

That's it for this one. I hope everyone has a good week. Take care until we meet again, 

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