Monday, June 2, 2014

KOCO by Beauty Brands

KOCO is the new in house brand of beauty brands. KOCO includes 60 different shades each of nail polish, eye shadow, and lip stick. Eventually, the line will include makeup brushes.

So you have never heard of beauty brands? This does not surprise me. It's the Kansas City, Missouri (USA) home grown beauty store.

There are stores in twenty cities, throughout eleven statesThere is also a website to shop online.

This makeup line is cruelty free. I emailed beauty brands and asked KOCO's status. They answered me within the hour. Their reply was,

"Hi Teresa,

Thank you for taking the time to contact us.  Yes, our KOCO products are cruelty free and never tested on animals.  We appreciate you asking!"

 I picked a product from each category and didn't coordinate colors. What caught my eye first went home with me. 

This is primarily a nail blog so I am going to start out with my polish pick.

The Polish-Apricotious

Apricotious caught my eye the minute I walked up to the display. It was just so 1930's silk charmeuse slinky gown. I see this as a duochrome that is mainly golden apricot but flashes a pinky peach.

It is neither thick or thin and went on smoothly. I used two coats. It wore well and I finally took it off on day three. This is a great summer color and I think a good quality for the price. The shape of the bottle and labeling appeals to my design sense. I will be purchasing more KOCO polish.

KOCO Eye Shadow

I fell in love with this matte dusty violet. It is not in my possession at the moment. My daughter saw it and just had to take it home to play with. It is fairly well pigmented and I am going to build a color palette around Mystic. I like the fact that there are 20 mattes and 40 shimmers to choose from and I can have a customizable set.

 Here's is the look I am aiming for:

And Finally The Lipstick

Miami Vice

This was a no brainer*. I saw the name and had to have it. It is a gorgeous coral orange and I am going to (and already have many times) wear it a lot this summer. 


This is the first time I have ever presented lipstick (or shadow) and wanted to do something extra. I put together a chart for how skin tones effect the appearance of the lipstick. You could say this is a makeup version of Warhol meets Josef Albers.

I am just so happy that beauty brands has created a makeup collection that is on trend and reasonable priced.


A last parting shot of Koco. All displays emphasize color and are organized from warm to cool shades. This makes so much sense to me.

Again, here is the link to the Beauty Brands website.

  There's some fun extra I added for this post. But, you are going to have to "read more".

*And why Miami Vice lipstick was a no brainer.

 Still, two of the hottest cop duos
ever on network television

And to view one of the most iconic car scenes ever-just click HERE.

And the 30's silk feeling? 

I came home and Googled "1930 apricot silk gown" and this popped up. There it is! The exact color. OK, it's jammies, but what jammies! 

 That was a long one and this has been one of the best times I have had writing a post...........Take care and until next time, Terri

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