Friday, June 6, 2014

Hard Candy Toppers-Part 3-Bachelor Party


Hard Candy's Bachelor Party

Bachelor Party has large, medium, and small black and turquoise hexes. There are also small black and blue circles. And finally tiny and really tiny black and blue circles that are suspended in a clear base. There are only two colors here, with a wide variety of sizes of glitter. 

Alter Ego's Beach Comber Too! 

Alter Ego is an American Indie Polish maker. Her polishes are quite different. The quote from her Store Envy site says, 

"Alter Ego is using a different base than most other indie, artisan & handcrafters of nail polish, lacquer & enamel makers. It is because of this unique base that some settling of pigments/glitters may occur upon standing.
Alter Ego's formula is just a tad heavier than most other polishes but shakes easily & applies smoothly. If you have a heavy hand applying your enamel you may only need 1 coat for complete coverage.
Alter Ego polish is not as glossy as most others but not really a true matte either. If you like a shine on your polish a top coat is highly recommended, and a base coat is strongly suggested. "

The important phrases are highlighted.

I  like this color and thought it went the best with the Bachelor Party. And I really like Alter Ego's satin finish. When she says the mixture separates when left standing for a while, she means it. I have a picture down below showing what happens.

I did have trouble with Beach Comber Too! chipping. It could be it didn't like my base coat (can't remember what the base coat was). I would have to wear Alter Ego polishes a little more to see if this was an isolated event. I have never heard of anyone having this kind of trouble with Alter Ego.

Yes, it does settle  but with a few shakes it's good to go.

The Second Runner Up And What I Will Use Next Time

China Glaze's Turned Up Turquoise. It even has the same type of
satin finish. 

That wraps this one up. Until next time, ...........Terri

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