Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Hard Candy Glitter-Part 4-Wedding Crasher With Limited Skittle

Wedding Crasher is the last Hard Candy glitter that I brought home this spring. If you follow me, you know I love my golds and Wedding Crasher was almost perfect (more on that later).

I did a very limited skittle for the base colors. The thumb, middle, and pinkie fingers are painted with Revlon's Varnished. The pointer and ring finger are painted in Deborah Lippmann Believe.


Wedding Crasher-Here is the list of the glitter in Wedding Crasher. All glitter, with the exception of the gold are matte.:
  • Gold Shards
  • Black And White Large Hexes
  • Black And White Medium Hexes
  • Black And white Small Hexes
  • Mini Black And White Circles 
 If I could redesign this polish, I would trade out the large white hexes for a bronze hue. I think the white just sticks out. When I use Wedding Crasher again, I will take out any large whites. Except for that, this is my kind of deal. 

Varnished-This was one of the first polishes that I bought during the late summer of '12. Varnished is a bronzed metallic. I don't buy Revlon anymore (the whole about face on animal testing because of China). I like this metallic but I don't know if it is still available in the stores. It can still be gotten on Ebay for about $4.

Believe-This is a gold/silver metallic. Believe was design for Cher. The story goes that Lippmann was creating Cher's look with four separate polishes. Frustrated with drying time, she decided to get the look in one polish. I recommend this metallic. It can go anywhere and is so sophisticated. I love it. 

I was so happy with with this look, I put an extra in

Glitter Closeup

In closing, I need to add that Hard Candy is not in all Wall-Marts. It will be only found in the larger ones.

That's it for this until next time take care, Terri

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