Monday, June 16, 2014

Zoya's Reece

Reece is the first of my May Zoya order that I have gotten around to wearing. First, just it as a single color and then with a simple design. This was a time when the polish dictated the style. The day after putting it on, I remembered that we had a reception to attend for a new sculpture in Nelson Atkins's Sculpture Garden. 

Usually I have a fairly modern look when I attend art openings, but Reece is a dark rose/gold duochrome. In my eyes, it called for something else. Out came the rose silk scarf and pearls. I still added a modern touch with a blush pink gold zippered bag.



Reece, as mentioned above is a rose/gold duochrome. I chose it because I love duochromes. Even with the duochrome, this is an old fashioned color. I am sure this color was even back in the fifties. But it a gorgeous shade and wears well. The duochrome is not that strong. It shows up great in the bottle but not so much once it gets on the nails. That part was a little disappointing.


Mentality is one of my favorite Indies. It is now also available internationally. I have had this bottle of 24K for over a year and it still can be purchased. The more it is used, the gold breaks up into smaller pieces. That is fine by me. I noticed that there are some darker pieces now in my bottle and am not sure what that means. It's handy to top out something for a quick look. 

Mentality's polish line just keeps growing. They have one of the best stamping polish collections that I know. The link to their home page is HERE.


If you go to Sally's Beauty, you know Stripe-Rite. This is my go to. I love the stiff long brushes. The metallics stay good, but the other colors will need thinning after a bit. Silver is next on my list to get. 

So here is the whole look. That is how I usually see my polish, as part of the whole and not an entity within itself.

This post is actually continued on my other blog-MeadowTree Journal . Click HERE is see some of the sculptures that we saw that evening.

That's it for this round. Until next time, take care, Terri

p.s., disregard the "read more". It is now the link to Meadowtree. I even took that HTML out, but the page break is still there. 

And the give away starts Friday-stay tuned!

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