Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Two From Glitzology, Which Is No More

This repost is a combination of two posts on The MeadowTree Journal. The Indie company that made these two polishes did not last long. But when Stacy Boyd was making polishes, they were glitter-bomb dreams.

The "Starry Night" post was originally published 2/4/13 and the "Nebula" post was originally published on 3/13/13.

After years of using Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night for the basis of an oil pastel lesson with second graders, how could I not have Glitzology's Starry Night polish. Back in the day, I even designed and knitted a pair of socks based on Starry Night.

Glitzology was an Indie polish  on ETSY

This polish is chalked full glitter and is a visual powerhouse. It's thick and takes some effort to put on smoothly. If you want a really smooth surface, I think a top coat would be needed. Top coating might make it feel smoother to the touch.

I approached the design as a landscape and color blocked the undercoat with green (Wet N Wild's Sagreena) and blue (Wet N Wild's Saved By The Blue).

The color blocked undercoat

The Lineup-had to use my Starry Night socks that I knitted years ago as a backdrop

This polish has a lot of light reflection. I even put a coat of matte on it for everyday wear and it still has plenty of shine going on. 

And being the (retired) art teacher that I am, how could I close this without the real thing.


In the Mid-West we have four distinct seasons. It's almost Spring and I have so many dark polishes that I have not even worn yet. Here's the first of a few I am trying to squeeze in.

Nebula is a super thick glitter and holographic polish. I wanted it to have a purple aura so I first put an undercoat of Julep's Alfrie. I even went a little purple with my top coat. OPI is the only I have that has the purple tint in it, so on it went. 

Nebula does cool stuff in direct sunlight. It was fun watching what my nails were doing while I was outside. Indoors, it is fairly understated. I didn't feel that I had to matte this one out to for everyday wear. 

But is is also very thick. For me, it was a tad hard to put on. And if you like a smooth finish to your nails, you would not like this polish. I put three tops coats on and it was still had texture.

Glitzology's Nebula, Julep's Alfrie, and OPI's top coat

A Nebula in a bottle! These polishes are so lovely, I like jut 
keeping them out to watch the light play in the bottle.

Glitzology's shop is on a short vacation

I follow Gltizlogy on Facebook, and Stacy Boyd (the owner), has posted that because of back problems, the doctor has put her on bed rest. She will be back up and running when she has the OK to do so (but now we know she never did start the shop back up). 

Taking glitters Off

Here is a small video showing an easy way to take glitter polishes off. The traditional method takes a lot of extra work.  

That's it for this time around. 

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