Monday, November 9, 2015

Russ Color Change 02-Swatching My Stash And A Woodland Thing

Hello Again, Today I have a couple of things. First up is Stash Swatch of Dear Russ Color Change 08. Dear Russ was a Korean Indie that went out of business over a year ago. I have three of their polishes and think each one is gorgeous. Their 08 is a gold green shimmer with a little holo, thus the color change. It does look more brown in the bottle, but on and in the sun it is this gorgeous green. 

I'm getting three birds done with this one.  Needing a swatch sample is one but I decided to try a ClairEstelle IG challenge and the Nov. 8th one was Woodlands. And Nail Art Nations Challenge this week is Fall with some green.

Now, I have to admit that mine looks more like the Woodlands floor and an abstract one at that.  It has a bit of stamping, hand painting and glazing. The green is Butter London's Dosh which color wise worked great with the other colors I used. 

I didn't show it but I also used A Klean Color metallic brown also.

Just a fun in the leaves shot!

 That's it for the moment. I don't have anything else. So until next time, take care and think Shiny! 


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