Saturday, November 7, 2015

Dear Russ and Glitter Gal-Swatching My Stash

Hello and I hope everyone is great. It seems a while since I have been on the blog but I guess it has been a little over a week. 

One of my new projects is to create Pinterest boards for all my polishes. I did this in hope that it would help me buy less polish. I am trying to go on a "no buy" but so far it hasn't been that successful. But the Pinterest boards have been interesting. In come cases, I can't find examples of colors that I own. Today is the case. 

I have three Dear Rus polishes and can't find examples on the web. Dear Russ was a Korean Indie that closed shop over a year ago. I have three of their colors and think they are beautiful so today is a Stash Swatching post. 

First up is Glitter Gal's Firey Furnace. I used this as the base for Dear Russ's Noblesse Glam 08.  Fiery Furnace is a red/pink/orange multichrome. It's pretty cool. It's one of those you could take and retake pics and never have the same color combo. And this color can still be found in online shops.


I am so in love with this color, I have ordered it more subtle sibling Furnace Glow. The "no buy" thing just doesn't work sometimes. 

Next came a three part layering of Noblesse Glam 08. First painting it lightly on all the nails. The second time only putting it two thirds way down. And finally, the third time, only on the tips. I find that glitter gradations work best for me doing it this way.

And a bottle shot of the two together. 

Of course, I love my glitter. At the time of writing this I am still wearing these two. This is Thursday night and I want to see if they will make it through the weekend-better go put on a top coat. 

That's it for this time. So until next time, take care and think "Shiny"!


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