Thursday, November 12, 2015

Seche's Aristocrat and Rainbow Honey's Oni-Swatching My Stash

Hello All You Nailistas!

Today I am doing another one of my Stash Swatches. I love doing my Pinterest Boards and tI am finding photos that I never posted and polishes I really want to wear. And today I have two perfect ones for Fall.

First up, I have Seche's Aristocrat. I got this on sale at Ulta last year. Seche still makes colored polishes but unfortunately this beauty is no longer in their line. But never fear, Ebay and Amazon always comes to the rescue.

Aristocrat is a dark purple with color shifting shimmer. It's quite the sophisticated lady. I can't remember where I wore it this Fall, but remembering having it on for quite a while.

Next up is Rainbow Honey's Oni which was part of their The Yokai collection. As I remember, this was the first full size bottle of RH (but not the only Yokai I finally owned-I love this collection) that I bought and this probably the first brown I ever owned. It is a smooth finish that is infused with small gold gold glitter. 

You have not ever tried Rainbow Honey, I would suggest trying one of The Yokai

Well, that's it and I hope you have enjoyed a couple of my stash polishes. So, until next time take care think Shiny!


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