Thursday, July 17, 2014

KOCO by beauty brands-Open Mica Night with Butter London's Lillebeth's Jubilee

Open Mica Night is the third Koco polish I have purchased. 

Beauty Brands divides their polishes into color families with no descriptions of what type of finishes they have. I liked the gray with the hint of purple and consider Open Mica Night to be a foil finish. 

 I just knew it would complement Butter London's Lillebeth's Jubilee (also a foil).

I first painted my nails with Open Mica Night and then did a sponge gradient with Lillebeth's Jubilee. You can see that Lillebeth's Jubilee is a much more lavender foil as compared to the Koco. They will eventually be a base for some type of amethyst toned nail jewels.

Lillebeth's Jubilee was an special edition polish. Butter London developed it in celebration of Queen Elizabeth's 60th Jubilee. It is now discontinued, which is too bad. It is a gorgeous one.

You see, I am planning for my daughter's wedding coming up in August. I have had these nail jewels lying around for over a year. I think they will go with these two polishes and it is time to use them. What do you think?

That's it for this time. Take care, Terri

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