Saturday, July 26, 2014

Pick Up Sticks

Last weekend I taught a color theory class for fiber artists. I also wore a dress with a digitally printed kaleidoscopic pattern. Every hue in the prism was represented. These are the nails I did for the dress and class.

Polish Notes 

Juleps Bunny-This is the only polish I am going to discuss. The others I will just list. Bunny is a white cream that is infused with gold shimmer. I had never seen a white like it before. I actually purchased it last summer and am now just getting around to using it. It is a fairly thick polish. You could probably us just one coat, but I used two. Bunny was a nice one to work with. Although the gold shimmer shows up quite nicely in my closeup, it doesn't really show up that well on the nail.

Polishes Used For The Lines

Jenna Hipp's mini's from last summers "What's Hot Collection:
  • Damage Control (light pink)
  • Freshmaker (light blue-green)
  • Look Hot Feel Cool (Dark Turquoise)
  •  Tweet Me (light yellow)


  • Fancy Fuchsia (hot pink)
  • Blue Sky (light periwinkle blue)
  • L.O.L (yellow-green)
That's it for this time. So until the next, take care.  Terri

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