Thursday, July 31, 2014

Summetime Blues

I keep reading from the trendsetters that cobalt blue is the color to wear this summer. Well, my reasoning is that I can wear dark blue Fall, Winter and most of the Spring. I am busy wearing and enjoying my light blues this Summer.


Deborah Lippmann's Rockin' Robin

This is a light dusty blue green cream with small black matte glitter. Rockin' Robin is listed under "Specialty" polishes on her website. This one is infused with green tea and Biotin. 

Now I really don't know if green tea or Biotin really helps ones nails, but it sounds good. It's a great formula and only needed two coats. When wearing it, I want mint chocolate chip ice cream. Rockin' Robin can be found here.

Orly's Angle Rain 

Angle Rain was part of Orly's Surreal Fall 2013 collection and is a gorgeous sky blue duochrome.  It flashes pink, purple and also at times I will see a blue green. It's a little thin in consistency so I have to use three coats. But it is worth it. This is a beautiful polish. 

There are six polishes in the Surreal collection. I also have Purple Poodle (no surprise there) and Pink Waterfall. Here is a link to see the whole collection.

Cult Nail's Manipulative

Manipulative is blue green with shimmer that Cult Nail's re-released.  I just got it this month. I thought it was going to have much more shimmer than it really does, it is Cult Nails after all. In reality, the shimmer doesn't really show up. In the end, I think it looks like a lot of other blue greens I already have.

Nail Art 

I was determined to have something good come out of Manipulative. A nail pen and Nfu-oh 56.

Well, that's it for this time.......Take care and until the next time, Terri

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