Monday, May 12, 2014

Got The Blues

I Love My Blues And Am Celebrating The Blue Sky That We Are Finally Having!


Deborah Lippmann's Mermaid's Eyes

Mermaid's Eyes was released last summer in a group of polishes that followed up on her success with Mermaid's Dream. This is a sparking blue chome with micro gold glitter and large electric blue sequins. I think it is really beautiful. I also have Mermaid's Kiss and am about to wear a series of pinks and will include it during that time. OK. I digress. If you like a smooth coated nail,  use a top coat, because Mermaid is pretty chunky.

You can still find this polish everywhere.

Zoya's Pixie Dust NYX

I think everyone needs at least one Pixie Dust in their collection. It is just that cool. I own three (Godiva and Lux being the other two). NYX was in the first group released in 2013.

NYX is is a dusty blue textured polish with very fine glitter to contrast with the matte finish. I don't use a top coat with this one because I think that would defeat the purpose of matte verses sparkly. I love this polish.

Zoya's Talulah 

Talulah is another electric blue polish with turquoise shimmer. It was part of their Summer '09 collection. It is still on their site. When I read about this one, I had to have it and think it is one of the best blues I have in my collection.

Extra Pic

I wore Tallulah about four days. One the last day, I experimented and added a top coat of CND's Sapphire Sparkle*. It added a different dimension to the color. It was subtle but gorgeous. I tried to capture it in the photo below.

 It turns out that blues are one of my favorite colors to wear. You just have to find the right one for you. 

I think that's it, Terri 

*The CND was part of twelve polishes gifted to me. They had big problems, being very dried out and way past their prime. With my trusty bottle of polish thinner and patience, I got them all working again.  

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