Monday, May 19, 2014

What I did With BORING Glitter

Last Summer I bought (probably like a few thousand) Jenna Hipp's What's Hot Summer mini collection.

There were three groups of lacquers, a pastel collection, a jewel tone collection, and then there was the Glitz and Glam collection.
 The pastels and jewels were fine. But the Glitz and Glam part, left something to be desired. The two glitters looked like an afterthought and were BORING.

It just nagged at me how I could use these. After all, I did pay for the things. I don't have many jelly polishes, so the jelly sandwich avenue was a no go. But, creams and sheers I do have. So I had a plan and here it is...............


 Cole is a peach cream. It's on the thinner side, but not to thin. The first coat looked a bit uneven, but things straitened out by the second. If I was using it by itself, I might consider a third coat. This was my favorite color from Zoya's Awaken Collection. This color is so fresh and happy looking.


 O.K., So this is probably the most boring photo I have ever done, but this is very boring glitter, so it's appropriate.

Step Three-Topping Off With A Sheer

As noted in the picture, the sheer topper is Precious Pink by Mineral Fusion. Mineral Fusion is a brand I have been wanting to try for a while. Ulta started carrying it and has some hard to refuse deals (as in buy one and get one free). Mineral Fusion also carries the Leaping Bunny certification, which for me is a big deal. To have the bunny means that a company has proved beyond a doubt that they are cruelty free.

I think Precious Pink leans towards the peach side and worked well with Cole. This is the first polish I have tried by Mineral Fusion, and it went on perfectly.

Sheers are perfect for encasing glitter and I like the look. It can create a Monet impressionist look.

This manicure looked very Spring like and lasted five days. That was only because I was ready to take it off. 

It never looked out of place with anything I wore. I think light pink has that ability.


On the last day, couldn't resist and I added Nfu-Oh # 48. 

Well, I think that is it for this time....Terri

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