Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Black Dahlia Lacquer

Hello Everyone, I want to show you some lacquers that I picked up from a very new Indie on the block. Black Dahlia is a mother and daughter team that hails out of Austin, Texas. They came on the scene in late September with a full line of polish. And I am a sucker for polishes that are name after flowers. So I knew I had to try some.

Five colors came with my order. Four are featured here. I will show the fifth next week.

I actually ordered four and got a fifth "mystery" polish. I did order minis so I could try more. The only trouble I had was in the photo shoot. I personally think minis are much harder to work with. 

The lacquers I ordered were:

*Lilly Of Valley from the Essential Collection
*Japanese Painted Fern from the Fall Collection
*Queen Of The Night from the Halloween Collection
*African Violets from the Fall Collection

So on with the lacquers...............

Lilly Of The Valley

I am going to quote the ladies on what is going on in this polish. "Lily of the Valley is a light gray shimmer polish with taupe and white flakies and added gold glass fleck. " 

And it is all that. This is two coats. Lilly went on smoothly and is subtle but a complicated blend. This is easily a four season lacquer. 

I think you can see that taupe and gold a little better in this closeup. 

Japanese Painted Fern

Japanese Painted Fern is My favorite of the lacquers I ordered. I love the shade of gray and the violet flecks just really make it stand out. As described by Black Dahlia, "Japanese Painted Fern is a brown-tinged gray shimmer with purple glass fleck." I really could have not described it better.

And A closer view of Japanese Painted Fern

Queen Of The Night

Queen Of The Night, as described by the makers is, "gun metal gray that appears to shift to an off black, is packed with metallic shimmer, giving it the appearance of a scattered holo. Shimmery black and dark gray flakies were added to give this creme polish added depth"

This is a definite beauty. For some reason, I had some trouble with this beauty. But I found if I worked with very thin coats, he worked better. I thought this was a little thicker than the others I used. It really does have the look of a holo. And this one is on clearance right now!

So now to the nail art

Back in mind, I must have had a gradient in mind when I ordered these three.
As mentioned, the ladies threw in a free polish. Mine was a glitter bomb of large and small holographic glitters. Can we say disco ball? I wanted to use them with the gradation but at the same time not taking away from the gradation. I came up with a simple outlined leaf shape. And I personally loved wearing it. But for those who know me, I love my "glitta".

And closing with a close shot of this glitter-it really doesn't have a name.

I hope you have enjoyed this post. You know, I started getting interested in my nails so late, I missed the beginning of so many great beginnings. Black Dahlia was one that I caught before they even released and it has been fun watching them develop their lines. 

As mentioned, I also purchased African Violet. It's a blue and I am going to present it as one of my "One Shots". Artistically, I couldn't see it in with this selection of colors. 

Please visit Black Dahlia's shop on ETSY.

That is for this time. And until we meet again, as always, take care............Terri


  1. I love all lacquers but especially your mystery glitter!!! Your subtle leaf design is gorgeous...and are you doing gradients without challenges now??? What has happened? Hahaha AWESOME!

  2. yea, yea, yea, I know. Well, I suppose stranger things have happened.................

  3. Completely love the final effect! That holographic glitter bomb pattern fits perfectly your ombre base! *__*