Thursday, April 23, 2015

Paradise-Road Trippin' With Bonne Bell

Welcome to Road Trip #4. This is my half way mark for my Road Trip Series using Bonne Bell, which is an American tradition, as far as I am concerned. 

Today, I am wearing Paradise. I realize Paradise is not a location, just a frame of mine. So this polish can take you anywhere! Paradise is a dusty light pink glossy creme, a color that pretty much will go everywhere. 

It is also the first shimmer in the group. The shimmer is pretty understated and I had a challenge getting it to show up with my camera. It's a fairly bright pink shimmer and balances nicely with the dusty pink. Again, I didn't have a problem applying this one and what you see is two coats. 

I will tell you, it did not like FingerPaint's new base coat. Shen I changed to Deborah Lippmann's Fast Girls, everyone was happy!

Natural light shot-You can see the shimmer slightly here and that is about what it is going to look like. It is very low key.

My goal with these road trips is to combine the featured color, if possible, with another Bonne Bell polish in the set to create some simple nail art. I picked San Jaun, which is a off white cream to go with Paradise. Below is a simple star burst pattern coming from the side. I use this motif a lot. It's easy to do (you do need a small detail brush however) and visually effective.

With the discovery of nail latex, I have been doing more gradients lately. I reversed the gradient on the accent nail.

That's it for this road trip. Paradise is a great Spring pink. For years, I didn't wear pink and I am glad I finally started giving it a try on my nails. Has anyone else been wearing pink this Spring?

I'm heading down to New Orleans for the next Bonne Bell post. So until next time take care and polish on!

Oh, And here is a shot of my Jolie latex. It looks awful when you put it one, but hey it works. Jolie polish is found on ETSY.

And of course there is Eddie Money and two tickets to paradise.................Just click Eddie to be taken away.


  1. beautiful and delicate- I really like it :)

  2. Thanks,it's a good time of the year to wear pink