Wednesday, April 29, 2015

KBShimmer's A Raisin To Live

Yep, I'm going dark and vampy in the Spring.The polish is A Raisin To Live by KBShimmer. "Raisin" was part of KBSHimmer's Fall '14 release.I've had it since October and finally just now got around to using it.

A Raisin To Live is a darkened burgundy jelly with small to micro holographic glitter. I did use three coats to get the coverage I wanted. I kept having spots until the third coat and then everything looked great. 

This shot is in the natural sunlight without a top coat.

It's a great stand alone. I tried some nail art with it and finally decided it wasn't worth it. The polish was just great on it's own.

The reason I chose A Raisin To Live to wear was because I thought it would go great with some pants I got on clearance. We are talking $10 clearance. I also wore Butter London's Tea and Toast with these. But that didn't last long and so put on Raisin and have been wearing it for three days. It might just come off tonight. 

I love the print on these pants. They were for Winter, but I have been wearing them like crazy this Spring.

So does anyone else have KBShimmer? I have a couple of others but haven't gotten around to wearing them yet. 

That's it for this round, just the one polish. And until we meet aging, take care and polish on!