Thursday, May 7, 2015

Throwback Thursday-Elevation's Gobi

Gobi isn't throwing it back to far. But it isn't available anymore and did come out two years ago as part of the Mongolia collection. I got it about a year ago on sale on Elevation's site.

Gobi is a sand color and that was probably what attracted me to it. But the added bonus is that it is also a holographic color shifter. It goes from gold, rust, and then to a beautiful green. It's one of those you can just keep taking pictures of because every time something different is going on. 

These are all outdoor shots on a good sunny day. Inside, the polish hides behind it's sandy exterior and looks like quite a proper work day polish. But then, you go outside and you can see what happens.

I am so glad I got this one.

Well that's it for today. So until me meet again, take care and polish on!

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