Sunday, May 10, 2015

Putting On The Bells And Whistles With Freshmaker

Hello on a Sunday and Happy Mother Days. Today I have my favorite Tiffany blue polish and one of my favorite silver toppers. The two I am wearing are, Freshmaker from Jenna Hipp's First collection two summers ago and Bells And Whistles from Signet Nails.

Freshmaker is a clean light blue green. By that I feel that it doesn't have black or a complementary color to dull it or make it dusty. That in turn makes it look fresh and my favorite of all my blue greens. It's quality could be better. The first coat always looks pretty ragged but after the second or third, it looks good. 

Bells And Whistles is a metallic silver shard glitter. This polish is amazing. It goes on like molten silver and is as smooth as ice. It had been one of my lemmings for a while and I finally broke down and got it.  As you see from the first and second photos, I first just had it on all my nails tips but finally did an accent nail. And it was so easy to take off, not like usual glitter. 

And unlike gold shards, this silver reflects the colors around it. You can see this in the macro. The silver has a slight blue green tint to it, especially in the lower left hand corner. And notice how the shards lay on top of each other like scales. 

There is a problem with Freshmaker though. It is only a mini and I am going to run out of it someday soon. I will not pay $7 for it on Ebay.  

I have been doing some window shopping and think there are two I might be able to work with. Essie's new spring collection has Blossom Dandy. I will actually take my bottle of Freshmaker to Ulta to compare. 

And Lauren of Signet Nails is coming out with Mind Beach,  a blue green that is slightly darker and not as glossy, but I could easily tweak it to get it the light shade I want and a top coat always fixed the dull. She actually had a comparison of the two on Instagram under lalanail.

And here were just a few colors in the running with Freshmaker for this mani. I just thought it stood out from the crowd.

From left to right: Bells And Whistles, Mermaid's Tears, In De-Nile, Putting On Airs, I have An Herring Problem and Freshmaker

I wore this mani for five days. In fact, it was last weeks Monday Mani on IG and Facebook

That's it for this round. So until we meet again, take care and polish on!


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