Saturday, January 4, 2014

Tangled With Moonraker

This is a repost from the MeadowTree Journal. It was originally published 2/18/2013.

This has to be one of the favorite things I have worn for a while. I really hated taking this one off. Last Fall Narciso Rodriguez did a collection for Kohls. I fell in love with one of the skirts. Finally, I got to wear it and had to have something just for it.

First, I put a base coat of OPI's Moonraker on. Then, painted the bottom half of the nail in OPI's Tangled in Tinsel. A black line that divides the two is a black Stripe-Rite. You could also just use a small brush and any black nail polish. But if there is a Sally's Beauty nearby, these can be found on sale for $2.79 (although, I will say that I have not seen them that cheap for awhile).

From Left To Right: Moonraker, Black Stripe Rite, and Tangled In Tinsel

A small pic of the skirt

I seem to really like to combine more that one polish. It just doubles the fun.

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