Monday, May 26, 2014

Hard Candy Toppers-Part 1-King Of Pop

Over the last four months it seems that I have picked up four of the new Hard Candy glitter toppers (uh, I think I had lost count!). Well, it is time to wear some. I am going to do them one post at a time. Four is just too many for one presentation.

First Up Is King Of Pop


Hardy Candy's King Of Pop
This glitter is a matte mixture. It has large white and peach hexes, medium pink and white hexes, small blue hexes, and FINALLY tiny moss green, white, and blue mini glitter. That was a mouthful. They all pull together beautifully and create a nice look.

Hard Candy can only be found at Wall-Mart stores and is $4 a bottle.

Hard Candy's Sky

I thought it would be very appropriate to put the King over Sky, the Hard Candy polish of lore. I bought this when I found out that Hard Candy was discontinuing it's Just Nails line. 

I tried to use it last year and found it almost impossible to work with. It went on in globs and streaks. This time was no different, but I was determined to make it work. Being an undercoat, it didn't have to be perfect. I will probably never use it again.

Next time I will use Zoya's blue for a base coat.

Zoya's Blu from the 2013 Spring "Lovely
collection. It is still available on their website.

And that is all I have for this time..............Take Care, Terri

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