Saturday, March 1, 2014

Tangling In The Tinsel

This is a repost from The Meadowtree Journal. It was originality published 1/6/13.  

OPI's "Tangled In Tinsel" and Hard Candy's Matte-ly In Love

As I was doing some stocking stuffing shopping for my daughters at Beauty Brands, I ran across a rather original idea for a Christmas season polish. OPI and Beauty Brands had a special on for a couple of OPI’s polishes. For $4.98 I could have some Christmas red or Tangled In The Tinsel. Tangled In The Tinsel had to be one of the most perfect examples of additive color theory* that I had ever seen in nail polish. Very quickly, it went into my basket.

This polish has a very dark grey base with green, red, and silver glitter. It looks like glitzy gunmetal and it’s not very Christmassy (well, unless you are the Grinch). New Years, maybe, buy I already had a design going on for New Years.

So this week I decided to get my “Tangled” on the nails. It’s really shiny; to make up for the darkness, I imagine. But, I wanted it for daywear. Something else was needed. Out came the matte topcoat. I now have “Granite Counter-top” for the nails and love it! I did not matte out the tips, so I still have some of the shine left. It does not show up well, in the picture, but my tips are very shiny. 

As you can see, I have a love for gray. It was not hard to find things to wear with my nails. The bracelet is from Vera Wang's collection (2012) for Kohls. The hat, I knitted from yarn that I hand spun from some of my bunny wool.  

*Additive Color Theory says that the more hues one adds, the darker the final hue will be. This is the theory that most artists use. The opposite of this is Subtractive color theory, which is used by lighting artists. This theory states that the mixture of all color waves creates white light. 

I am still having a great time having a "polished" life**.  Have a wonderful week and take some time for yourself. 

 **And this is still true a year later. I still love collecting polish. 

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