Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Lynnderella And OPI Vintage

A while back, I went on another art excursion with the group Arts Alive.  First on the agenda was a gallery show and FOOD. The main event was a Van Cliburn tribute concert at The Kaufman Center For The Arts. 

My main attire was a black and white tweed jacket that I made in 1990 and a gray/orange lace flower pin by RM Gardner (yes, that would be my daughter).

Trouble free abstract nails were calling me and Lynnderella came to the rescue. So here is the two polishes I used.

Base Coat
The base coat is OPI's Moon Over Mumbai from their 2008 India Collection. This is a beautiful shimmery gray that served as a the perfect canvas for what I wanted to achieve. I just picked this color up last week off of Amazon.

I call this OPI vintage because it was produced before OPI became a subsidiary of Coty. The last collection OPI made before they sold out was The 2010 Burlesque collection.

Top Coat 

The top coat is Lynnderella's Spot On. It is made up of white and black glitter (some very large) and multi colored shimmers.

I picked it up from her eBay shop. This particular mix was being discontinued. But she has a similar one here.

 I only own three Lyndenrellas. They are pretty pricey so it is a rare treat. I never get into her auctions. Her "Limited Edition" polishes can go pretty high. I just question if a bottle of polish is really worth $50. 

I would recommend using a top coat with this one because of the larger glitters. 

That's it.

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