Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Mauve, Rose, And Violet For Spring

I've been pulling some violets from my collection and wearing them this week.

Some Notes

* Her Rose Adagio by A-England is part of the Ballerina Collection dedicated to Margot Fonteyn. I purchased this shade through LLarowe. This is a rosy mauve with violet undertones.  A-England is one of my favorite brands. Theses polishes are drop dead gorgeous and go on beautifully.

* Zara by Zoya  is a muted violet with copper shimmer. It is quiet but unique. Zara has been around for a while but I just added it to my collection. 

* Peonie by Darling Diva is the Indie of the three. It was being discontinued and I snagged the last bottle. This is a soft shade of mauve and pink. Peonie is holographic, and really comes alive in natural sunlight. I was impressed by it's quality. The link to Darling Diva's Big Cartel site is here.

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