Tuesday, September 15, 2015

September-Ovarian Cancer Awareness

A sweet friend from Instagram alerted us to the fact that it is Ovarian Awareness Month. She has a clean bill of health now, but a few years ago was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer.

My sister is an RN who worked in oncology. She has many times told me that Ovarian is the scary one because it is usually isn't detected until it is to late. We need better screenings for this monster!

I am religious about getting my yearly Mammogram and Pap Smear. But there's nothing for this one. 

I did this for Sarah and all the other lovey ladies who are fighting the fight, those who won the fight, and for those who lost the fight. 

I thought the Butterfly was an excellent symbol for this cancer and I really wanted to hand paint it and not use a stamp.First I drew it with my Strip Rite Stripper and then added detail with a-England's Merlin and my fuchsia Sharpie. There's two, I guess one for each ovary. I don't know how well it came out, but it was heartfelt, I can tell you that. 

Here's the individual shots that I used in my poster.  The base for the Butterflies is Kim Michelle's soon to be released "Teal Me Your Fantasy". The gradation is done with Kim's Teal and a-England's Excalibur on a base of Zoya's Harley.

I then added a small amount of Bellaluna's glitter topper Metanoia.

A macro so you can really see that it's a Butterfly. HaHa

 And finally, the curtain call for all the actors...........

I used:
Zoya's Harley
A-England's Merlin and Excalibur
Kim Michelle's Teal Me Your Fantasy
Stripe Rite Silver Stripper
Belalluna's Metanoia
Jolie's Latex to protect those cuticles

And finally, I wanted to provide a link for Ovarian Cancer Warning signs. 

That it for this time around. So until next time, take care and think Shiny!   (You probably need to be a Firefly fan to get that LOL). 



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