Tuesday, September 8, 2015

August Notebook

Well, here I am again one month later. Here's a run down of the few manis that I did for August. Or in other words, this was my IG feed for August. If you follow me on IG, these are all review. 

I started August with this flower dotticure using Signet Nails Kiss Off, Yoko 3000 and Hashbrown No Filter. It is a jelly sandwich with a design in the middle rather than glitter. 

Still working with Signet Lacquers, I then did a simple design using Tainted Love and Bells And Whistles.

It's Signet Again. This is my green wrap using, New Leaf, Out Of The Woods, and Opulent Okra with some added gold with my Strip Rite.

I was on a roll last month with Signet. Lauren was closing up shop and wanted her customers to do designs if possible. This is her Opal Flash over Dolf with an added top coat and studs.

This is Signet's thermal Tear The Roof Off over Dolf with some added stamping.


My last Signet mani. I did classical Greek vases using Lapis Lazuli over Yoko 3000.

Took some time off with Zoya's new Naked Manicure system.

O.K., I got bored and ended up topping it with Nfu-Oh'sFlakie #48

I started trying a new nail prep this month from Sallys.

And talk about new. Kim Michelle Colour has yet to release their first line of colors although she has some nail care items. I LOVE her cuticle balm in the Honeysuckle scent! This is her Teal Me Your Fantasy.


A fashion shot using Teal Me Your Fantasy with one of my rings and a vintage kimono.

I needed a color to match this top which has a very colorful dragon embroidered on the front. The perfect match was Priti NYC's Wedgewood Blue.

My neon mani for the Hobby Polish Blogger's August Linkup. Again, I am using Signet polishes. The are Stranger Danger Ranger (yellow base), Slutsicle Orange, and Hashbrown No Filter.

I then went to a copy cat mani from The Polish Dude and paired KB Shimmer's A Pigment Of My Imagination with my Starbucks duochrome drink cup.

A fashion shot of A Pigment with one of my B Makowsky purses and one of my rings.

My final mani was a Galaxy using all Indies for Nail Art Nation's Indie week challenge. I use the following: 
Signet Nails: Dolf, Tainted Love and Yuko3000
Ruby White Tops: Ashley Rose (thermal( Chai Maintenance, Misfit Toys and Here Piggy Piggy
My-Stash Lacquer: Shaken Not Stirred

Well that's it. For me, this was a lot in one month. I hope you enjoyed my photo. So until next month, Take care and shine on. Terri.

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