Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sally Girl and Pinkie Promise

This post is just a continuation of my Mani In A Soap Box post. 

I used both my pink and mauve polishes when I was visiting my sister in Florida. Upon getting home, I was about to take of the mauve which is now called U Betcha  It's order number is 812058 and color number is EH1 227. They don't have the names on the bottles and I went on site trying to match the color and skew number. I broke my bottle just after writing this post and want another one.

Maybe it was the shirt I was wearing but I noticed that Rainbow Honey's Pinkie Promise (from the Equestria collection) looked about the same color and value as what was on my nails. And a pairing was born! I have been wearing this a few days now and am not getting tired of it. It also looks good with blacks and grays. 

Rainbow Honey's site describes Pinkie Promise as:
 "A fun and shimmery pink base filled with hex and tinsel glitter in magenta, light blue, and gold - this polish calls for a party! "

That pretty much sums it up. I used about three coats of the Pinkie and the more I added, the more I liked.

I have used two of my Equestria polishes and have six more to go. Here's to some fun!

Side By Side-made for each other!

And One Last Parting Shot

I don't know anyone (except my daughters-they borrow mine) who uses Rainbow Honey. I would love to hear from some more fans. They have a Facebook page that you can like and one can get email updates from the company. 

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