Monday, June 10, 2013

My British Invasion

And no, its not the Beatles, Stones, or Herman's Hermits. This time it is A-England and Barry M. 

Over here, on the west side of the big pond, we can easily get Rimmel and Butter London. Rimmel is at every Wal-Mart and Butter can be found at the better cosmetic stores. However, A-England and Barry M have to be hunted down on the Internet and ordered from specialty stores that import international polishes. 

Silvery Lilac with Merlin accents

For my first Barry M, I chose Silvery Lilac. It is a lilac/silver duochrome, a three thumbs up for me. Merlin, a silver glitter, was the A-England that I picked to go with it. I have Pure Ice's Bee Ware which is also a silver glitter, and always thought it was just fine. But Merlin shoots it out of the water. Merlin is glorious. I had to do an accent nail with it, I loved it so much.

First, I put on two coats of Silvery Lilac and then on the four non-accent nails, did a sort of a horse shoe effect with the Merlin, getting thicker as I got closer to the top of the nail bed. I did have to use nail art brushes for this one. 

Side by side in the bottles

I tried an outdoor sun shot. The duochrome is much more prevalent on a sunny day. 

In summary, my experience was wonderful with these two polishes. They both go on like a dream. I already have another A-England and am looking at the Barry M ice cream polishes. They look yummy!

Barry M and a-england are both cruelty free.

That's it this time. So until next time and I hope today brings you a beautifully polished life.......Terri

Note: A-England & Barry M can be both found at Ninja Polish. Also, I went to the Barry M site and couldn't find Silvery Lilac-maybe they don't make it any more?

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