Monday, June 3, 2013

Soft Green Garden

Today I have something that I had for Memorial Day. I know, it's not the typical thing to wear for that weekend but I love Zoya's Neeley and was in the mood to wear it. 

I wanted to try my hand at stamping and decided it would be fun to do it at my daughter's house. She could cheer me on. The results are passable. First thing, if you notice, my designs are going in ever which direction. But I always say, "one time it's a mistake, two times it is artistic accident, three times and it's a design feature. " 

I've seen on other blogs where people have used just plain polishes to stamp with. But, as a beginner, I wanted to start out with something dedicated to stamping. And I didn't have any problems with the polish itself, just the experience of the person stamping. 

White Konad stamping polish, Zoya's Neely, OPI's Alpine Snow, and Konad stamping plate M72

My daughter even tried her hand at stamping. These are the three Julep polishes that I featured last week. she saw them on my blog and decided I needed to bring them with me. I love her skittled effect. 

We like stamping. It is great for those who don't feel confortable using a paint brush. The non dominate hand is less of an issue with stamping. Michelle (my daughter) has already ordered herself stamping plate. 

Zoya is cruelty free. OPI is not cruelty free. Konad stamping polish is unknown to me.

That's it this time. So until next time and I hope today brings you a beautifully polished life.......Terri

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  1. You should try the nail tape for the french look