Friday, January 31, 2014

Chinese New Year

This is a re-post from The MeadowTree Journal. It was first published on 2/09/13.

It's Chinese New Year and we were going to a celebration event. Something was needed that would go with my Asian inspired blouse that I made last year and my jade jewelry. 

First, I put on a very dark green base. Using a nail brush, I applied double curved lines in gold with space between to lay down a small line of gold glitter between.  Finally, things were top coated with Julep's Freedom topcoat. 

Here's the lineup:

1. The base coat is what I call Green 20 by Cosmetic Arts (middle). Cosmetic Arts does not seem to include names on their bottles. I found this at Ross. From what I read on other blogs, Ross is the only place to find Cosmetic Art polish and it usually sales for $1.99. Forsythe Cosmetic Group, the same company that makes Color Club makes Cosmetic Arts.

2. The double gold lines are from Revlon's Gold Coin 925 (far right). I got this one from Ebay.

3. The glitter is a strange little thing that I found on Ebay also. It smells way to strong and I won't be getting strange polishes off of Ebay again. 

That's it this time around.  Still having way to much fun with this.  Until the next one..........

It's the Year Of The Snake, not my favorite animal, but oh well.....

Had to add this years symbol-Year Of The Horse

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